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Most Popular Holiday Cottages in Hampshire

Renting a holiday cottage provides you with the privacy of your own place and beautiful surroundings. Hampshire has many options to choose from in holiday cottages. This article provides information on some of the most popular holiday cottages for relaxation and beautiful scenic views.

Rightman’s Place

This is a spacious cottage in the heart of the New Forest. The cottage can host up to 11 guests and is perfect for family holidays and larger groups. The cottage is surrounded by quaint villages to explore and a few pubs and other attractions nearby.

It’s the perfect cottage for relaxed evenings in front of the fireplace. It has a large patio and a BBQ. The cottage is set in Broomy Lodge, Linwood, Ringwood, Hampshire.

Park Farm Cottages

These recently built architect-designed eco-cottages are set in a peaceful location of Avington, Winchester. The cottage can sleep 3 persons with a bathroom in each bedroom. The cottage has a large open plan design providing comfort and space.

The cottage is nearby the Parkland golf course and the famous Avington Trout Lakes.

Under Castle Cottages

Under Castle Cottage is a secluded and peaceful thatched cottage situated at the bottom of a woodland track in the heart of the New Forest. The cottage is fronted by the Hampshire Avon with views of the fields in a ¾ acre garden with ponds. It features fishing activities and a rowing boat to enjoy in the beautiful lake.

Under Castle Cottage is situated in Castle Hill, Nr Wood Green, Fording Bridge, Hampshire.

Poets Cottage

The Poets Cottage is set on a quiet land directly underneath the Hampshire Hangers. It has a spacious living area with a fully equipped kitchen for ease of use and comfortable living. The bedroom is on the second floor with a large bay window and a 6ft long bed.

The garden features beautiful views, a BBQ, and garden furniture. Enjoy walking the Hampshire Hangers in close distance to the cottage. Situated in Ashford Lane, Steep, Petersfield, Hants.

Waverley Cottage

This four-sleeper self-catering holiday cottage in Brockenhurst lies in the heart of the beautiful New Forest. It features two spacious bedrooms in the Victorian style cottage. It is situated in the peaceful location of Waters Green which is a village conservation area with direct access to miles of heathland and forest. Ponies, cattle, and deer roam freely in the open and provide a peaceful and relaxed environment.

Riverside Cottage

This cottage is only an hour from London but possesses a great peaceful quality to relax in comfort. The property features a beautiful garden and is perfect for countryside living and beautiful scenic views. The Riverside Cottage is situated in Ramsbury, Nr Barton Stacey, Winchester, Hants.

These holiday cottages offer the best options when looking for a relaxed and peaceful holiday.