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Types of Attractions to Enjoy in Hampshire

Hampshire has many attractions for visitors to enjoy and be amazed at. Days can be planned well with exciting activities for groups of friends and families. From animals, art, entertainment, and military attractions, there is enough to stay entertained every day after lunch or breakfast at these popular restaurants.

Military Heritage Attractions

Hampshire possesses a rich military history. Visiting the tranquil burial place of Crimean war heroine Florence Nightingale at St Margaret’s church in East Wellow is one of the most popular activities when it comes to Military Heritage attractions.

The Museum of Army Flying at Middle Wallop, Portsmouth’s has exciting naval museums at the Dockyard, and the home of the British Army at Aldershot.

Wildlife Attractions

Morwell Wildlife is a major attraction to seeing giraffes, lions, tigers, meerkats, and marmosets. Deer and otters can also be seen roaming freely in the New Forest Wildlife Park. Long Down Activity farm is particularly enjoyed by children to feed the baby animals. The Staunton Country Park presents friendly farm animals and a play barn.

The Blue Reef Aquarium in Portsmouth has many colourful tropical fish to view.

Family Fun Attractions

Hampshire has many attractions and activities to be enjoyed by families and larger groups. Queen Elizabeth, Staunton, Royal Victoria, and Manor Farm Country Parks offer hours of outdoor activities and excitement for families such as play areas, nature walks, and cycle trails.

The beaches and coast are perfect for beach games, boating, and water sports for families.

Art Attractions

There is an art trail to follow at the Sir Harold Hillier Gardens near Romsey and an impressive collection in the Southampton City Art Gallery. These galleries are equipped with vast collections of beautiful and historic artworks to view.


Hampshire has many activities to take part in with entertainment. The two top theatres in Southampton, Winchester, and Portsmouth have highly entertaining stage shows. The theatres present West End productions, opera, pantomime, and musicals.

Taking part in any of these attractions and activities can be highly entertaining for families, couples, and friend groups.